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14/12/2016 Important: All MPI jobs that need more than 20 cores, the submission script must request increment of 20 cores. So 20,40,60 etc. All jobs that queued with different increments are deleted as they will never run. Please resubmit with the appropriate amount of cores.

29/11/2016 A problem with lustre filesystem created a full outage of Rosalind. Now the problem is solved and the service will be up and running by tomorrow.

06/11/2016 The charging policy tables is now updated.

About Rosalind

Rosalind is a collaborative venture made possible by the contributions of hardware, staff and running costs by the Partners involved.

The Rosalind Partners have pooled their Research IT resources and expertise to build a comprehensive platform for research IT at KHP, including:

  • A High Performance Compute Cluster, running the Grid Engine Job Scheduler, for large scale data analytics;
  • Fast Lustre scratch storage;
  • Ceph storage for longer term curation of research data;
  • An OpenStack private cloud to provide flexible, scalable development environments and allow users greater control over their own research IT resources using virtual machines.

Rosalind Partners

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