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The storage infrastructure consists mainly from three spaces:

  • The home folders space;
  • The scratch space;
  • The archive space;

Note: There will be more infos about other secondary storage spaces later.


Name Type of filesystemPath Default quota* Mounts in this nodes Purpose
home folders NFS /user/username 20GB login, compute Slow, code and basic files
scratch LUSTRE sharedscratch brc_scratch 1TB login, compute Fast, export data from simulations here
archive CEPH n/a n/a login Slow, for archiving

*This quota is the minimum that a user takes for free. Users can purchase more quota, check :Charging for storage

Checking your quota

Scratch storage space(lustre)

Check your quotas using this command and replacing username with your username:

lfs quota -h -u username /mnt/lustre/ 

You will something like that:

Disk quotas for user k1234567 (uid 104353413):
   Filesystem    used   quota   limit   grace   files   quota   limit   grace
 /mnt/lustre/      4k      1T    1.1T       -       1       0       0       -

The first column is the path of the space. The second the used size of your space. The third is the quota soft limit. The fourth one is the hard limit and the fifth the grace period. So you can past the soft limit but no more than the hard limit and only for a period no more than the grace period. The rest of the columns are similar but for number of your files. There is a restriction in the number of files as too much files are having huge overhead which is killing the speed of the storage space. In the above report, it will be indicated with an asterisk (*) if you passed your quota limits.

Note: If quota appears to be none, it mean you have unlimited quota. That means by mistake we did not set up your quota. Despite that you should exceed your quota as later we would ask you to remove the excess data or we will remove ourselves without warning.

Home folders storage space(nfs)

Check your quotas using this command and replacing username with your username:

quota -u -s  username

It will give you a similar report as above for you data.

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