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Table of charges

This prices is for users of King's College London and Health partners. For external users and charity funds, there is different charge. Contact support for these charges.


  • NMS: No charge until merging of ADA and Rosalind is completed;
  • SLaM: Charges as normal;
  • GSTT: Charges only for storage;


Charging category Price (£) Notes Legacy customers Price (£)
HPCHighMem 0.0188 High End CPUs(Haswell) 384GB 0.0188
HPCLowMem 0.0176 High End CPUs(Haswell) 192GB 0.0176
LegacyHPCHighMemEther 0.0169 Lower End CPUs(Ivy Bridge) 256GB Ethernet only 0.0140
LegacyHPCEther 0.0138 Lower End CPUs(Ivy Bridge) 64-128GB Ethernet only 0.0130
LegacyHPCGPU 0.1846 Lower End CPUs(Ivy Bridge) K series Tesla GPUs 0.0890
LegacyHPCHighMem 0.0185 Lower End CPUs(Ivy Bridge) 256GB 0.0140
LegacyHPC 0.0145 Lower End CPUs(Ivy Bridge) 32GB 0.0130
LegacyHPCTBMem 0.0294 Lower End CPUs(Ivy Bridge) 1TB 0.0140


  • The legacy categories is the nodes that belong to NMS ADA cluster. These nodes have slower process, thus lower core-hour price.
  • Nodes in all categories have low-latency fast network interconnect except the ones that are “Ethernet only”.
  • The Legacy customers Pricing are for the NMS customers that were customers of ADA. So there charged according to the old finance model used in ADA, for the use of the Legacy nodes. For the new nodes they have the same pricing as the others.

OpenStack VM(core-hours)

Charging category Price (£) Notes
NovaHost 0.0202 High End CPUs(Haswell) 384GB fiber optic
LegacyNovaHost 0.0233 Lower End CPUs(Ivy Bridge) 128GB fiber optic


Charging category Price (£) Notes Legacy Customers Price (£)
CephStorage 0.0401 Slow, no backed up 0.0401
LustreStorage 0.1488 Scratch, fast, no backed up. Main storage for running jobs 0.1488
CephBackup 0.0400 Slow, backed up 0.0400
NonCephbackup 0.0338 N/A to users 0.0338
CloudStorage 0.0668 Openstack VMs storage 0.0668
LegacyLustreStorage 0.1488 Scratch, fast, no backed up. NMS main storage for running jobs 0.0910
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